A man rejects God neither because of intellectual demands nor because the scarcity of evidence. A man rejects God because of a moral resistance that refuses to admit his need for God.  – Ravi Zacharias

On Monday night we concluded our study of The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. We were finally able to  turn the tables on doubt and discuss the arguments FOR faith instead of against it. We were able to come to the conclusion, like Strobel, that if you zoom out you will see that science and history offer more evidence for our faith than against it.  Issues like the Big Bang Theory (think cosmos not Sheldon), DNA, and the Resurrection provide hard evidence in our God and Jesus Christ. Strobel concluded his book with summing up his path to a Christian faith into three words: Investigation, Decision, Transformation. Take time this week to contemplate your last Investigation…maybe its time for a Transformation.

Prayer Request:

The family and friends of Chandan Gouri after his untimely passing.

Adyison Harrah who was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and has just began the long path to recovery.

The Brittell family during their pregnancy.

Colin Neal’s (and family) sleep patterns to settle back into normal toddler hours.

Brett and Brooke will be gone for several months while taking part in a Dave Ramsey study to help them learn how to manage their finances and prepare for baby #2.  Brooke has a scheduled C-Section on Nov. 9.  Please pray for a safe delivery and for a name for this baby boy due to arrive in 8 weeks.

Jay’s grandmother, Susan, is struggling with dementia.  Please pray for his family to make the best decisions to help her and for emotional support as they struggle with this transition in her life.

Jamie McAdams for discernment during her house hunt.


On Monday we wrestled with doubt:  we looked at the different types of doubt, the root causes of doubt, and whether doubt can hurt our faith or actually be a sign of a healthy faith.  Our discussion began with light hearted debate over whether squeaky baby shoes can help a child learn to walk on their heels or if such shoes actually just cause the baby to have tight gluts.  We also learned a certain red headed member of our group with the last name of Adams actually doesn’t believe that his weed eater is made of atoms.  Light hearted discussion of doubts such as these and even more heavy debates over our intellectual struggles with the existence of God can actually be a mask that we use to hide the deeper meaning behind our doubts.

We then went on to investigate how faith is a verb.  If we are struggling with doubt, Lee Stroble’s interview with Anderson in Chapter 8 of The Case for Faith revealed there are tools we can use to help us understand where our doubts are coming from and how we might be able to overcome them.  For instance, we can surround ourselves with people, places, and things whom we respect that also happen to exhibit strong faith in God.  We can also put our faith into action (hence faith as a verb) by doing the things that Jesus did.  Jesus said it is better to give than to receive.  Understanding this is like learning to ride a bike, according to Anderson.  We can’t just read about or study bike riding and all of a sudden become bike riding experts.  We have to actually get on the bike and experience what it is like to push the pedals and balance on two wheels to learn.  This analogy explains how putting our faith into action by becoming more generous and giving will help us experience the joy that comes from giving over receiving.  

We conclude our study of The Case for Faith next week, so please come, even if you haven’t read the book!


David’s sister, Danielle is going through tough times

Jensine’s dad, Jeff, is sick while on a mission trip in the Czech Republic.

Jensine’s director, Allison, is returning to work from maternity leave.  She and her staff need prayers to help with this transition back to work, where all sorts of changes have taken place during her absence.

Brett and Brooke will be gone for several months while taking part in a Dave Ramsey study to hep them learn how to manage their finances and prepare for baby #2.  Brooke has a scheduled C-Section on Nov. 9.  Please pray for a safe delivery and for a name for this baby boy due to arrive in 8 weeks.

Jay’s grandmother, Susan, is struggling with dementia.  Please pray for his family to make the best decisions to help her and for emotional support as they struggle with this transition in her life.  

The college ministry needs prayer and guidance on how to bring in some college student to this new class offered on Sunday mornings at 10 at Trinity.  Anybody that can attend the Wednesday night Wesley foundation meeting is invited to attend and help the young adults invite some of these college students to our church on Sundays.

The Days neighbor, Miss Jean, passed away yesterday. She was in her 90s.

Stuart’s cousin and his wife (Steve and Jill) lost their baby Charlotte this summer who was born two weeks before Huck and Poppy. They are going through a rough time and need prayers.
Anna Claire’s grandfather fell. He is ok but getting older and may need to make a change with his care.


Oh dear Lord, a Yankee was handed the responsibility to cover the weekly blog. I always imagined that one of the first things a southerner was taught in school was to never allow these types of actions to happen. This might only be because that said Yankee may spend the next twelve paragraphs to explain the most lucrative theory on how and why it is possible for the Cleveland Browns to sneak into the playoffs with an 8-8 record and truck their way through the playoffs to eventually win the (gasp!) Superbowl. So lets begin…
Totally kidding, I would never do this to any of you. But in total seriousness if you do want to know this theory we can speak in private and I will inform you more about the 2017 Superbowl Champions and their path to glory.

Once again we had a deep discussion Monday covering some of the negative aspects that the Christian faith has brought to this earth’s history. Sometimes it isn’t easy to talk about the history of the Crusades, the Inquisitions, Witch Trials, or Antisemitism but one has to remember that we are all human and with being human no one is perfect. The story of Jesus and his teachings have changed the morals in which man lives his/her life but sometimes followers slip-up too and lose focus on exactly what his teachings are about. As humans we can learn from these “major blocks in Christianity history” as Lee Strobel states in hopes to never repeat these same mistakes. Because Jesus is needed and without him well…we may end up with the same status as the opposing team the Browns play in Superbowl 2017…Lost (See what I did right there? Seriously that will be the last Browns joke though I promise)

Enjoy this weekend to spend time with friends and family or maybe even partake in what the holiday actually stands for (Do some labor somewhere) or just relax like I will be. Join us in two weeks in the discussion of day-to-day struggles of doubt, and how every Christian should handle it as we indulge further into one of the best books we have covered at Trinity’s Young Professional Bile study so far, A Case for Faith. I don’t know about y’all (see what influence you guys have on me, I just used the word “Y’all” in a sentence. This makes my heart melt!) but…I have left each study so far from this book with more questions after each study than before. No other book has done this too me! keeps me wondering through out the week. I love it! “The best way to conquer doubt is to yield to it” – Dan Barker, Pastor turned Atheist. Do you agree with Dan or do you disagree with his statement on how to handle doubt? Come to Trinity two Mondays from now to state your opinion.

Prayer Requests

Taylor –
She witnessed four children taken away by social services the other day and it struck a chord in her heart. Prayer for their long journey ahead of these children.
Her sorority sister Kristina passed away after drowning in Jordan shortly after getting married. Very sad to see someone who is so young and had so much of their life ahead of them go. Prayers for her husband, her family, and her friends that she left behind.
Her friends, the Guthrie family, are expecting a baby girl.

The Adams –
Praise for Zach’s brother who is expecting a baby boy. Zach stated that he couldn’t be more excited to receive a new nephew (Let the Crimson Tide football brainwashing begin! They might as well just name the child Saban at this point once Zach and Jensine get an influence on him)

For her continued hard work she has put forth into her job. Since the start of the College of Charleston’s school year she has been working nonstop to stay ahead of the athletes. Hard work pays off and maybe some college playoff appearances will be in store due to her continued strong work ethic.

Hugh Eason-
A member of the church has passed away. Prayers for his family and also the members of Trinity.

For health and healing after her surgery.

The Gerbachts-
Continued prayers for the baby’s health.

For Jays Grandmother whom is 86 and as she gets older her mental health is beginning to slip.