Oh yes. We are back with another ⭐️ Student of the Week! The one, the only, Mr. 7-foot tall himself, Daniel Delaigle. He really wowed us with his own proverb about tomatoes, but more importantly about wisdom and knowledge. Thanks Daniel, now I’m craving fruit salad.  (also thank you to his lovely wife for suppling the picture). I don’t want to call these people runners-up, because we are all equal in God’s 👀, but I would also like to give a ⭐️ student shout out to Kate for praying so eloquently (even about college football), providing Mellow Mushroom Pizza🍕🍕🍕 and coming up with the new way we introduce ourselves to new people (I apologize for my strange murdery confession 😳). And to Brooke as well for giving us the phrase “There is wisdom in the pause.” You are all so very special!


I would like to take a moment to thank Brooke and Stuart for taking over this here website while I took a leave of absence. I had so much fun reading through their posts and literally laughing out loud at their wit and wisdom. Now I know how y’all must feel every week 😉. I feel like I should give y’all the briefest of recaps of what I did while I wasn’t writing this blog. Do you remember that one time that Stuart sent out some ridiculous photos of me riding a turtle and meeting santa? I feel like that has been my last month, but on a much tamer level. I was MOH in a wedding, I ran around New England eating sandwiches and trying to find a Vanderbilt to marry, I went to the Heisman House where I rode in a Nissan Rouge with RG3 and practiced my touchdown dancing, and finally I really did sing back up to Taylor Swift (with 56,000 other people…).  So that’s what I’ve been up to! Here’s hoping for a much more relaxed holiday season.


Inline image 2

Please note the above schedule for our assigned duties in the month of November. Please also scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for a little poll!

  • On Nov. 9 we will be having a pizza party with the Ansonborough House! I believe that we are going to be picking up some Little Ceaser’s Hot n’Ready Pizza and split the cost amongst ourselves.
  • On Nov. 23 Trinity is having a “Hanging of the Greens” night!! The United Methodist Women are providing dinner, but we volunteered to bring festive drinks and dessert! Shot Gun bringing eggnog!!
  • On Nov. 30 Pastor Greta will be teaching our lesson on Methodism 101. So excited to have her with us!
  • Does any one have any good Advent studies to suggest? We will be needing to start one on Dec. 7. I can be in charge of bringing the eggnog to our Christmas themed meetings.
  • I do believe we are planning on having our Second Annual Thank-mas Feast on Dec. 6. SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND DUST OFF YOUR TACKY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS. I’ll volunteer to bring the eggnog.
  • For next week read Proverbs 25:1-29:27

Prayer Requests 

  • A new job opportunity for Caty (give her wisdom on how to proceed)
  • Taylor’s brother’s friend (who broke his hand during Friday’s football game)
  • Taylor’s brother Harrison (strength and confidence for the coming week/s)
  • Kate’s Aunt (upcoming surgery)
  • Anna Claire’s Grandpa (upcoming outpatient surgery)
  • Jensine’s sister Jessica (at home with two little girls while husband is deployed)
  • Zach’s Student Athlete (who is now OFF the injury report!)

Halloween themed Links and Stuff

  • Friendly reminder that Halloween is on Saturday. Here are some food themed costume ideas if you still need one.
  • Next year y’all, I think we need to get in on this scene
  • Just spend a few minutes watching this and this  . I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
  • And scared bros is just my all time fav.


Brooke mentioned an idea of just having a set rotation of brining food/leading/praying. Obviously if you can’t make it on your assigned day, you can switch, but this might eliminate awkward sign-up times.

A Different Perspective


I thought I’d post a picture of a different perspective of our lovely city for this week.  I posted this because I am really enjoying this study on Proverbs because it gives us a different perspective on how to live a Godly life.  And I know all of y’all are really just appeasing me because I’ve been asking for a Proverbs study for so long. So thank you. And also, thanks to Holy City Helicopters for the picture. I recommend following them on Instagram (Justin).

Thank you to Danielle for teaching this week and for bringing some new folks.  It was nice to have such a big group.  And also thanks to Anna for a delicious dinner. And a huge thank you to Zach and Daniel for smoking some amazing meat for Third Sunday Dinner. I only heard amazing reviews. Great work, guys. Also, don’t forget to give them a couple of bucks for the meat.

Next week Zach will lead us in Chapter 8 of the book, “Sayings of the Wise”. If you are reading this, that means you can read. Which means you can read your homework: Proverbs 22:17-24:34. Try to come with at least one verse you really like.

Be on the lookout as Caty is planning a pizza party for us and our friends at Ansonborough House. Dates are coming soon.

Jensine also asked to think about how we could commit to helping our friends at Loving America Street. And yes, they are also on Instagram, you can keep up with their amazing work at Laundry Matters.

I think that’s all of the important stuff…

…wait!!! I almost forgot!

Kate has volunteered to be the Square Dance Chair and may be setting up a date for a Square Dance to please our oldest young adult, John. It might be fun to invite the entire church, Daniel could get some hay bales for folks to sit on, and everyone can wear boots. Please be sure to watch this video so you can be prepared: Dropping Knowledge. Yee Haw!

This weekend, I can fill most of your schedule…

If you care about Jensine, you’ll be at her birthday party. If you clicked the link, go get some paper towels to wipe the drool of your keyboard.

If you care about your mayor, be sure to say Thanks, Joe! And do I even need to call out the Ferris Wheel?

Random links:

I think I saw Zach walking down King Street the other day in a pair of these. Do you think they are planning to license some for C of C? Because I think there is a real market there.

Caty mentioned she was looking for a new car. I think I found the perfect car for her to relive her childhood.

Y’all have a great week. And feel free to know that you can blog next week if you are sick of mine.


Taylor Come Back!


Greetings Young Adults! I hope y’all are having a great week.  It’s almost the weekend, and maybe by the time you read this, it is your weekend.  I tried to do my best Taylor impersonation by putting a self-taken photo with a related Bible verse superimposed on top.  I hope it is meaningful to you. If you aren’t named Anna, and can tell me (in the comments) where the photo was taken, you’ll get a prize (the same one that Taylor gave me for guessing her house picture).

First agenda item this week: thanking the young adult all star….***BROOKE GERBRACHT*** If you haven’t thanked her at least a dozen times already, be sure to. Over the last two weeks, she has cooked for us, prayed for us, blogged websited for us, and taught us. ALL.STAR.

Other business items to take care of before getting to the good stuff (links):

We need teachers (despite what it looks like, I would be okay not teaching a second time) and feeders. Take a look at the list below and see what you can do to help the group.


This Sunday is the third Sunday Dinner, which you might remember because we couldn’t remember for so long.  The Young Adults are providing the meats this Sunday, which means you can chip in by bringing $5-$10 to Zach or Daniel who will be smoking the meat. Be prepared for the best Sunday Dinner of the year.


Next Monday, Danielle will be teaching chapter 7 from the book. If you want to be an A+ student you will want to read Proverbs 17:1-22:16.

This weeks prayer requests were (as written by Caty, so I apologize if i misread it):

  • Taylor’s Mom’s Sanity
  • Jensine’s brother-in-law’s deployment
  • Children’s ministry at Trinity
  • Jess’ Thesis
  • The flood and those affected
  • Taylor’s sister’s new job (praise)
  • Baby Davis (praise)
  • Nick Chubb’s knee

…Now, onto the links…

Based upon my creepy, unknown texter, here are some ways to respond to awkward wrong number texts.

This week, I found something that combines your favorite things. Little kids, football, and pop culture songs.

For you podcast lovers, I have two things: MIND BLOWING SERIAL UPDATE!! and New Podcast that is a must listen

I’m sure I missed something important. If I did, blame Taylor for being irresponsible and all over the place.

Have a good weekend! See you Monday!