Our 2015 in Numbers:

1 Beach Retreat in Hilton Head

1 Marriage (looking at you Kirby and Rachel!)

2 Parties at Ansonborough House

2 Mixers with Bethal UMC

3 In-town moves

4 Babies added to the group! (Virginia, Colin and soon-to-be the Day Twins)

4 Recipes shared online, but many more enjoyed

7 New people became Regulars and many more visited!

7 Different Studies

50 Bible Study Meetings

74.83 inches of Rain

163 Links Shared

190+ Prayer Requests and hopefully many, many more answered

God truly blessed us with a wonderful 2015.

Here’s to an even better 2016!

Happy New Year from Trinity UMC



Merry Christmas to Everyone! 🎅🎄🎁🎉❤️💚❤️💚

I hope this blog finds you sitting in front of a roaring fire eating as many Christmas cookies that you can shove into your face. Or at least I hope it finds in the Christmas spirit! What a blessing it has been this year to celebrate the Advent season with our family at Trinity. 2016 is going to be a great year for us, there is so much to look forward to!

Shout Outs

  • To Anna Claire and Stuart who brought us yummy pesto pasta, a fancy kale salad, and garlic bread. It was an excellent follow-up meal to Waffle Extravaganza 2015.
  • To Jamie who knocked it out of the park leading for the first time! We are all so excited to add another teacher to the rotation!
  • To the people who came and helped paint and clean the bridal suite. Gray is truly the new yellow. The transformation is coming along nicely and will hopefully attract more brides (and grooms I guess. Do they really have a say though? 😉) to choose Trinity.

Things to put on your Calendar

  • Next Monday: Advent Study Week 4. I am teaching and praying (Lord help us all) and Justin is cooking (that’s reason to show up!) VOTE IN THE POLL DOWN BELOW OR YOU ARE NOT GETTING JUSTIN’S FOOD. (ok, you’ll still get food, but really, let’s remember to practice our God given right as Americans and vote!🇺🇸🇺🇸)

Prayer Requests

  • Safe Travels for everyone who is traveling over the holidays!
  • Baby Amelia (there are no more treatment options. We are praying for a healing miracle. And comfort and peace for the Britell family)
  • That our society becomes more tolerant and loving and stops resorting to fear and hate.
  • Brett’s Mom Carol (continued prayers for healing)
  • Brooke (pray for no more fear at her work)
  • The Day Babies (for a continued healthy pregnancy and excitement to meet these two!)
  • Stuart’s Dad Rick (healing after a health scare)
  • Trinity UMC (all our finances and ministries)
  • The Yao Ming family (it’s tough being tall, y’all)

Things that made me laugh and smile


And now, a sneak peek at the Bridal Suite Transformation

The “before” picture aka AC giving her troops their orders.
Stuart requested this photo be taken of him. We get it Stuart, you’re a hard worker.
This is Kate realizing that trimming without painters tape is NO FUN.
Stuart did not request to have this photo taken. But Jensine did!
Stuart and I in the middle of a very delicate process: the paint transfer.
Gray is the new Yellow. photo cred: Jamie and her artsy-ness
Almost done!
Ta-da! It looks like new room!
The Professional Paint Crew. Minus 2 (or 4 if you count Zac and Jac.)


Shout Outs

  • Shout out those who came out to Loving America Street’s event on Saturday. It is such a blessing to be a small part of what those girls are doing in the Eastside neighborhood. Scroll through this photographer’s insta to see some great shots of the event.
  • I was totally right. Zach was gunning for the ⭐️Student position. And guess what? He totally claimed it. BREAKFAST FOR DINNER?!? Um yes. Zach knows the way to our waffle-loving-hearts. 😍💖😍💖. He also did a stellar job leading the lesson. But the cutest part of the night was when he and Jensine proved to all of us why they are a match made in heaven 💑. Actually I take that back. The cutest part of the night was my superb drawing of Jesus walking on water.

Things to put on your Calendar

  • This Wednesday Dec. 16: Harry Potter Trivia ⚡️. It’s at Holy City Brewing around 6:30pm. HP Nerds, it’s finally our chance to shine!! Muggles and Squibs allowed too.
  • Next Monday: Advent Study Week 3. Jamie will be teaching, The Days will be cooking, and Daniel will be praying!

Prayer Requests

  • That we all will continue to use this time during Advent to reflect and better understand the reason for the season
  • Muslims in America (currently facing unnecessary prosecution)
  • Anna Claire’s friend Terilyn (upon the eminent birth of her child)
  • All of our work lives (that we recognize even if we aren’t literally saving people’s lives, it still matters)
  • Jensine’s Grandma Georgia and Grandpa Wayne (after Wayne’s fall and ongoing recovery)
  • Zach’s friend Foster Jackson (baby who is awaiting medical test results)
  • Continued prayers for little Zac and Jac (aka AC/Stu’s twins) (I figure if I keep saying those names, they’ll cave and just name them that)

Things that made me laugh