Happy Wednesday All!

It was so great seeing everyone on Monday… some would even say it was a magical Monday.😊 I hope you are able to find some magic throughout the rest of your week! Big Huge Shoutout to Brett and Brooke for getting us some Dominos. Pizza, Harry Potter, and my friends? If only Ben Higgins had been there, I would have had all of my favorite things in one night! 😉

Next week: February 29 (Leap Day!): Prayer – Justin | Teach – Brett (Ch. 2) | Meal – Days


We’re gunna try the movie night on a Friday night this time….

Important Things to Note:

  • I am a Ravenclaw. Yes I took this quiz very seriously and I am pleased with my results.
  • You can now refer to me as Homicidal Terrahawk. 👈that’s terrifying


Morning Muggles!

Hope you all had lovely-love-filled week! Since we didn’t have a meeting this week there’s not a whole lot of news. So this is mainly a reminder post that we are starting our Harry Potter series on Monday. I am so nerding out and confession: I have re-read the first book in anticipation for our discussion. And, spoiler alert, the study is actually really good and not cheesy! I hope everyone enjoys it and no matter if you are a Harry Potter fan or not, that we can all keep keep an open mind and have some fun with this series! I think its a fun light-hearted study with a great message.

So to start this series off, I am hosting our first viewing party at my place this Sunday evening! Get ready to get cozy! The movie will start around 7pm, but feel free to show up early to claim your spot… on the floor… All are welcome!

the meeting


Prayer of Confession for Ash Wednesday

For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.
(Psalms 51:3, NRSV)

O, God, when we pause to look back at our lives on this Ash Wednesday, we realize that we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. 

We have neglected to do good when it was in our power to do so. 

We, like believers of old, have pulled down your altars
and erected idols crafted in our own image. 

We have turned our backs on the poor,
choosing instead to criminalize poverty. 

We have ignored the cries of the motherless, the fatherless,
the widow and the widower
choosing instead to turn children and the elderly into the new poor. 

We have bankrupted the country with our greed and
consumed more than our share of the world’s riches 

We have not dealt honorably with our enemies or our friends,
and we have feigned a place in the company of the righteous. 

Forgive us, O God, for turning sackcloth and ashes into a fashion statement
by pursuing form without substance. 

Forgive us, O God, for the times we have neglected to provide our children
and our world an authentic example of Christianity. 

As we begin the journey of these 40 days
Wash us, O God and we shall be clean
Cleanse us, O Lord, and we shall be made whole. Amen. 


Words of assurance: Hear the Good News.
The LORD, our God, is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love (Joel 2:13).
God hears the earnest cries of the repentant and forgives our sins.

Taken from umcdiscipleship.org


Shout Outs

  • Last week on the Bachelor, during a group date where all the girls were required to make a complicated, authentic Mexican meal to win the heart of the Bachelor, a professional chef told the girls “When you have learned to cook, you are ready to get married”. So if that logic is true, then Jamie and Kate are marriage material y’all, they can order Jimmy Johns with the best of ’em. I count that as cooking! (this coming from the girl that brought pb&j) Such great life lessons from the Bachelor 😉
  • Phew 😅. We made it to the end of our first study of 2016. It was a toughie, but hopefully we all have a better understanding the Israeli conflict. Anna Claire went above and beyond in concluding our study by adding content of her own. Yay AC!


  • We are NOT meeting next week, February 15 (I will be using this day off to stock-up on all the half-priced candy). But I sincerely hope that everyone has a love-filled Valentine’s Day❤️
  • I am ordering the Harry Potter Study this week. Here’s my thought and let me know if you’re on board: Each week covers a different book, but to prep for the discussion, we host viewing parties on Sunday nights for each Harry Potter movie. So this gives people a chance to refresh their memories over the themes of each book or people who have never seen Harry Potter to join the 21st century (“welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks!”) (<– 5000 brownie points in my book to whoever can place that movie quote). I am happy to host some viewing parties at my place (if everyone is ok with getting realllll cozy) and hopefully others will volunteer to host as well!  I think we are all about to become true besties. Movie nights = best friend bonding time. Also invite all of your other HP loving friends to become besties with us! I feel like in the venn diagram of life, Harry Potter and Jesus have so many overlapping people. (Does that even make any sense? It does in my head.)

Prayer Requests

  • Baby Amelia and family
  • Jensine’s grandmother (finding her new normal after the passing of her husband, Jensine’s grandfather)
  • Jensine’s patient (he’s doing worse and needs prayers that he has the will and strength to keep fighting)
  • Jensine’s coworker Mary (on the passing of her dad)
  • Jensine’s Mom (upon being called as a witness in court)
  • Kate’s grandfather (continued recovery from infection)
  • Cyclist in Myrtle Beach (hit by a truck, but survived)
  • Stuart’s friend who started Cupid’s Undie Run (pray for great success of the event)
  • Baby A Day and Baby 1 Day 👶👶
  • AC and Stuart’s friends, Peter and Parker (on the birth of their 3rd baby!)
  • AC’s grandfather (moving into a retirement community)
  • Jessica’s family (mom’s unemployment and trying to sell their house)