Oh dear Lord, a Yankee was handed the responsibility to cover the weekly blog. I always imagined that one of the first things a southerner was taught in school was to never allow these types of actions to happen. This might only be because that said Yankee may spend the next twelve paragraphs to explain the most lucrative theory on how and why it is possible for the Cleveland Browns to sneak into the playoffs with an 8-8 record and truck their way through the playoffs to eventually win the (gasp!) Superbowl. So lets begin…
Totally kidding, I would never do this to any of you. But in total seriousness if you do want to know this theory we can speak in private and I will inform you more about the 2017 Superbowl Champions and their path to glory.

Once again we had a deep discussion Monday covering some of the negative aspects that the Christian faith has brought to this earth’s history. Sometimes it isn’t easy to talk about the history of the Crusades, the Inquisitions, Witch Trials, or Antisemitism but one has to remember that we are all human and with being human no one is perfect. The story of Jesus and his teachings have changed the morals in which man lives his/her life but sometimes followers slip-up too and lose focus on exactly what his teachings are about. As humans we can learn from these “major blocks in Christianity history” as Lee Strobel states in hopes to never repeat these same mistakes. Because Jesus is needed and without him well…we may end up with the same status as the opposing team the Browns play in Superbowl 2017…Lost (See what I did right there? Seriously that will be the last Browns joke though I promise)

Enjoy this weekend to spend time with friends and family or maybe even partake in what the holiday actually stands for (Do some labor somewhere) or just relax like I will be. Join us in two weeks in the discussion of day-to-day struggles of doubt, and how every Christian should handle it as we indulge further into one of the best books we have covered at Trinity’s Young Professional Bile study so far, A Case for Faith. I don’t know about y’all (see what influence you guys have on me, I just used the word “Y’all” in a sentence. This makes my heart melt!) but…I have left each study so far from this book with more questions after each study than before. No other book has done this too me! keeps me wondering through out the week. I love it! “The best way to conquer doubt is to yield to it” – Dan Barker, Pastor turned Atheist. Do you agree with Dan or do you disagree with his statement on how to handle doubt? Come to Trinity two Mondays from now to state your opinion.

Prayer Requests

Taylor –
She witnessed four children taken away by social services the other day and it struck a chord in her heart. Prayer for their long journey ahead of these children.
Her sorority sister Kristina passed away after drowning in Jordan shortly after getting married. Very sad to see someone who is so young and had so much of their life ahead of them go. Prayers for her husband, her family, and her friends that she left behind.
Her friends, the Guthrie family, are expecting a baby girl.

The Adams –
Praise for Zach’s brother who is expecting a baby boy. Zach stated that he couldn’t be more excited to receive a new nephew (Let the Crimson Tide football brainwashing begin! They might as well just name the child Saban at this point once Zach and Jensine get an influence on him)

For her continued hard work she has put forth into her job. Since the start of the College of Charleston’s school year she has been working nonstop to stay ahead of the athletes. Hard work pays off and maybe some college playoff appearances will be in store due to her continued strong work ethic.

Hugh Eason-
A member of the church has passed away. Prayers for his family and also the members of Trinity.

For health and healing after her surgery.

The Gerbachts-
Continued prayers for the baby’s health.

For Jays Grandmother whom is 86 and as she gets older her mental health is beginning to slip.


A dog park. A muddy dog park. With never-cleaned port-a-pottys and the only sustenance being grape flavored vodka and sweet potato fries smothered in mustard and mayonnaise. That would be my hell. The smells alone would send me over the edge.

Maybe that sounds like heaven to you. (except the port-a-pottys, who likes port-a-pottys???)

That was our discussion on Monday night. No, not port-a-pottys but Hell. Does Hell look the same for everyone? How does God justify the existence of Hell? Why aren’t second chances offered in Hell? Really tough stuff. And to be honest, we struggled with it all.

But there was one thing we all agreed on. Hell is separation from God.

No one likes to think about Hell, but it’s real. Thankfully God offers us a way out – Jesus. He paid the price for sins that would send us to Hell. All we have to do is seek and follow him. And not only will he keep us from an eternity in Hell, but he gives us eternal life with him. Praise hands all day long!

I hope you will join us next week as we talk about the dark and violent history of the Church. Sure to be a good discussion and hopefully involves less port-a-pottys.



The blog wheel landed on the Adams’ household this week. (and the image above is from the #AdamsAlaskaAdventure2016 to remind you that Winter Is Coming. Photo Cred: Zach Adams)
Monday evening, we continued our study of The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. It has been a great study that asks the hard questions pertaining to faith and our daily walk with Christ. While it is providing some insight on certain biblical conundrums, I, fore one, enjoy the discussion that stems from the questions presented that may not have answers. This Monday Kate led us as we took an in-depth look at the stance that “It’s Offensive to Claim Jesus is the Only Way to God”. The discussion had an Olympic theme that took us all the way to the Brazilian Rain Forest and even included a lengthy talk on the dreaded “p” word…purgatory. Special Shout Out to David and his family recipe of Chicken Parm “that tasted so good“(read in Peyton Manning voice). Join the Meeting Society next Monday night as we tackle the thought that “A Loving God Would Never Torture People in Hell.”
Please join us at our outreach event this Sunday at the Citadel. We are committed to feeding around 300 cadets as they move in on Sunday afternoon. We are going to grill hamburgers and hotdogs along with some ice cold Lemonade from 1pm to 4pm. Several members of the Church feel this is a great cause and have donated funds to purchase the supplies. We will have a tent, table, and grill fired up to serve the Cadets and the Lord.  If you feel led to volunteer or just want to pop your head in let Zach or Jensine know.