Greetings from JI. How about the weather in Charleston this week. A chill in the air makes me thing of many things… one of them pumpkinūüéÉ. This time of the year I will eat pumpkin in anything from Cake to (thanks to Stuart) Mac-and-Cheese. I’ll lead with a bit of housekeeping, we will not be holding court¬†on Monday¬†night as we celebrate the Eve of the All Hallows FeastūüíÄūüćó,¬†the time in the¬†liturgical year¬†dedicated to remembering the dead, including¬†saints¬†(hallows),¬†martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Be safe out there and remember, if you dress up, pictures must be taken and brought to Church¬†next Monday¬†night. Sorry, but rules are rulesūüėá

On Monday¬†night, we discussed the dreaded S word…Stuff. We started with how we feel Charleston is a great example of New-Urbanism. A new approach of sharing, experiences and space, that is spreading across the nation, thanks in large part to the¬†Millennial’s approach to being “Green”. We then discussed how places like Ikea can lead to our homes literally busting at the seams. We closed, thanks to Jay, with a thought provoking discussion on how we can be a¬†faithful¬†Christian and enjoy our Earthly possessions at the same time; by simply choosing to see God in the joy that some of our “stuff” can provide.

Join us on Monday November 7th as we discuss Forgiveness.
Zach Adams

Prayer Requests:

Brooke (and her fellow Gerbrahts) as she continues in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Stuart’s cousin and spouse – We pray for discernment as the they¬†contemplate having another child after suffer heartbreak a short time ago.

Jensine’s Mom Jill Jernigan – health and healing after a¬†successful knee surgery.

Jay’s Grandmother Susan, and his family, as she continues to suffer with dementia and the struggles that¬†accompany.

¬†Taylor’s brother Harrison as he is busy learning some tough life lessons early in life.


Cheryl, Jensine, Zach, Jay, and I (Justin) had a great time talking last week about relationships, what makes them successful, difficult, rewarding, and how our faith comes into play.  The backdrop for our discussions were the three articles linked earlier in the week.  We identified 4 elements of healthy relationships that we pulled out of the themes of the articles.  They are Communication, Understanding, Selflessness, and Self Awareness.  I promise I did my best to temper my sarcasm and cynicism =).
The Questions That Will Save Your Relationship
I couldn’t resist the perfect Seinfeld reference with the author’s disdain for the question “How was your day?” ¬†While it may paint a less than rosy picture of marriage, the bit at the end is priceless! ¬†Kramer on Marriage……
This article is all about Communication.¬† While we only get the author’s side of the story and her feeling of being unappreciated, what we see is that both her and her husband were not communicating effectively, both their own thoughts and feelings as well as considering those of their spouse.¬† We all felt that the questions her and her husband learned to ask seem pretty obvious as ways to show true interest and understanding of friends and loved ones, but also acknowledged that at times we all fall into that trap.¬† We also went back to our previous discussion regarding new methods of communication and social media and how at times that caters to a more superficial relationship, my old curmudgeon ways coming through!
Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear
This article truly shows how deep understanding of a loved one can help when they may lash out when they are unaware of personal problems.  That being said, most of us felt like we wold have a difficult time facing the same junk her husband threw at her for 6 months.  This is where we saw the importance of both understanding and self-awareness.  At time we all lash out at those who love us and at God, both when we lack insight into our own thoughts and emotions and when we fail to understand the actions of others.
Understanding¬†which ‘love¬†language’ my husband speaks changed our¬†relationship
5 Love Languages – Words of Affection, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch
Zach and Jensine helped flesh out the details of the book referenced in this article.¬† Basically, we all have both sending and receiving love languages.¬† The challenge we face in our relationships is figuring out and communicating these effectively with others and recognizing their languages as well.¬† Cheryl and I luck out in that our primary language is quality time, while Zach (gifts) and Jensine (quality time) had to learn to mesh theirs and pointed out that this book really helped.¬† While discussing this article, we talked about many relationships where we felt slighted or failed to see someone’s love language.¬† It was a real eye opening chat!
Prayer requests:
¬†– Brooke, Brett, Brinkley, and the soon to arrive Baby Br……
¬†– Justin’s friend Erica Phillips
¬†– Jay’s grandmother Susan who is dealing with dementia
¬†– Jensine’s family friend Sally and the Shaw family who are dealing with the death of her sister Barb


Fall has been a hectic time around these parts! But The Meeting Society has been as active as ever, even though we had to take a mini-break to flee for safety from Hurricane Matthew! We are happy to report that no major damage was sustained at anyone’s homes or at the church! *praise hands emoji*

The Meeting Society is in the midst of our “Articles Study” where we read 2-3 articles per week surrounding a specific topic. Topics already covered are: Family, Friendships, and Relationships. Next week’s discussion topic is Stuff. How we accumulate it, why we feel the need to and what do we do with our earthly possessions. If you would like to read along, below are links to the articles that we will be reading and discussing on Monday:

Downsizing the American Dream
How Far Can Amazon Go?

We hope that these articles will be thought provoking and it will be interesting to compare and contrast what the world says versus what God says in Matthew 6:19-21:

‚ÄúDo not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20¬†But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21¬†For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Have a great week and God bless!